Supporting the Decision to Join: What Association Boards Should Know and Do About Membership and Affiliation

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Intelligence grounded in sound research is critical when board dialogue turns to value proposition and membership strategy. ASAE & The Center's research study, The Decision to Join: How Individuals Determine Value and Why They Choose to Belong, is essential intelligence for membership organization CEOs and staff. Realizing that digesting the full study may be daunting, the author has mined the study for its most important, board-level implications. He has added insight that will resonate with governance-level leaders and put it all in leader-friendly form.

Here are but two takeaways you'll want to share with your board:

  • Member involvement drives loyalty, so a measure of involvement should be an organizational performance metric.
  • Board members should check the assumption that their views reflect those of rank-and-file members.

Membership organization boards have a strategic responsibility for membership development. Supporting the Decision to Join provides leadership with a vital perspective in a package board members will find digestible. No board member should be without this book.

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Author James Dalton
copyright 2009
Book Type Governance/Board
Dimensions 21 cm x 14 cm ; 54 pages
Format Softcover
Publisher ASAE & The Center
ISBN 978-0-88034-286-5