1. Membership Trends Report

    The 2024 CSAE Membership Trends Report is an invaluable source of information to allow you to understand membership trends and compare your practices with other associations across Canada. With responses from over 200 associations, this resource dives into member recruitment, engagement and retention statistics across different types of associations. It informs you on what practices lead to increased membership numbers. You will also get a sense of the challenges that associations have been facing with respect to their membership practices.

  2. 2024 CSAE Benefits & Compensation Report (PDF format)

    The 2024 Benefits & Compensation Report provides essential salary and benefit information on all levels of staff within Canada’s association and not-for-profit and communities. This latest report, reflecting data collected in fall 2023, provides insight on remuneration data, statistics and emerging trends relative to executives, directors, managers and frontline employees working in all types and sizes of organizations within the sector.

  3. PRESALE 2024 Digital Maturity Report

    The 2024 Digital Maturity Report for Associations dives deep into technological adoption at Canadian associations. The report, produced in partnership with 108ideaspace, brings you data on different aspects of digital maturity at associations, namely technology strategy, governance and planning; technology tools and systems; training and adoption; data security and management; artificial intelligence; digital transformation and maturity; vendor selection and management; and future concerns and plans.

  4. Fall 2024 - CAE 100 Association Leadership, Change, Strategy & Structure

    If this is your first course in the program select 'CAE® New Student Kit - Book Bundle' from the Bookstore when registering. Please note that the Book Bundle is digital and will be available via the course site.